Wellness Programs
Mindy teaches the public and professionals in Occupational, Massage, Lymphedema, Physical Therapists and Rehab Counselors how to apply principles and of health and healing along with specific mind-body and energetic healing methods to enhance personal development as well as all professional therapy sessions.  These are universal practices that can be applied to all diagnoses. Fundamental changes in healing occur when the nervous system is restored to a calm state and the patient learns to self correct as needed.  These techniques reduce blood pressure, increase digestion, increase immunity, increase circulation, make the mind and body more restful, decreases muscular tension, reduce pain, builds body self awareness, awareness of the natural self and makes people feel better.  Learning the science of the methods and the methods themselves arms the therapist with the knowledge of what is needed and why.  If the therapist is not feeling skilled enough in some of the methods they would at least be knowledgeable to make referrals to practitioners in the area that are more skilled. Example: if the therapist was not feeling skilled enough in teaching meditation, she/he would be skilled enough to teach the benefits of meditation, could assess who would benefit and could present a list of local meditation practitioners to refer the client.