Program: Treatment and Management of Swelling Disorders

Causes or Diagnoses associated with LYMPHEDEMA AND SWELLING DISORDERS may include:  Congestive Heart Failure, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Post Trauma (sprains and other events), cancer, removal of lymph nodes, radiation, extensive surgical procedures, IV infiltrate or blood leakage into subcutaneous tissues and hematomas.

Swelling can create a variety of reasons for discomfort in the swollen area or unrelated parts of the body.  Swelling creates increasingly tight fit of clothing and shoes; increased weight of an extremity creating back, hip or shoulder pain; nerve pain in the swollen extremity and decreased ability to perform daily activities.  Swelling creates an increased risk for Cellulitis or infection under the skin and must be treated with antibiotics before Lymphedema treatment is begun.

TREATMENT: While there are treatment protocols for Lymphedema Treatment, a specific treatment plan is based on evaluation and client needs.  Here is a list of the treatment procedures frequently used in the treatment of Lymphedema.

  • Complete Decongestion Therapy including: Manual Lymph Drainage, Bandaging, Garment recommendations, Lymphedema exercises, and Self Management protocol training including precautions.
  • Compression Pump recommendation, training and installation.
  • Manual (hands on touch techniques) Techniques in addition to Manual lymph drainage, to reduce swelling, decrease fibrosis, increase range of motion, restore circulation, nerve and energy flow and health to the area.
  • Individual components of complete decongestion therapy will be provided to clients who need that particular aspect of care in combination with other treatment protocols.
  • Wellness practices to reduce stress, increase vitality and enhance life.

Healing Therapy & Development uses a holistic approach that includes viewing the person as complete and whole regardless of what the body and mind is experiencing.  Treatment is designed to restore the connection or awareness of the body and mind with the wholeness of the person so that the natural healing process can be accessed and assist the procedures that Medicine and Treatment offers.