Lymphedema Therapist Biography



              • Certified Lymphedema Therapist since December 2003:  135 hour certification training course from Academy of Lymphatic Studies.
              • LANA Certified: Lymphology Association ofNorth AmericaCertified #000911

April 2005

              • National Lymphedema Network Member
              • Developed Lymphedema Clinic at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center Outpatient Therapy Department and provided 4 years of daily lymphedema therapy services.
              • International Speaking:  Panel on the topic of Effective Communication with cancer patients and families to 25 leading cancer care physicians at the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust,Dehra Dun,Uttaranchal,India

November 2007.

              • Provided numerous outreach talks to professionals and general community through hospital team meetings, support groups, Bosom Buddies, H2U, Eglin Annual Survivor Appreciation Conference, and The Cancer Update 2004
              • Attended  the 7th National Lymphedema Network International Conference,NashvilleTennesseeNovember 1-5, 2006
              • Licensed and practicing Occupational Therapist #OT9352 since 1981:

18 years specialized in working with families of children with disabilities clinically and through management of Occupational and Physical Therapy personnel for Early Intervention Program, 6 years experience in working with acute and rehab patients in the hospital and outpatient basis.

              •  Licensed Massage Therapist MA32767, Ministerial training, extensive Holistic Health and Holistic Therapy training


              • Lymphedema related to face, neck and throat cancer, breast cancer, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, melanoma, and ostioma, uterine cancer, peripheral vascular disease and primary lymphedema.
              •  Other conditions causing swelling treated with modified version of decongestion therapy:  IV infiltration, surgical swelling, complications post angiogram, arthritis, sprained joints.
              • Unilateral upper or lower extremities, bilateral upper or lower extremities, facial swelling.


            • Recognizes end of life issues and is able to engage in compassionate conversation at the stage of the patient and assist in moving patient forward in their process as part of overall therapy.
            • Personalizes treatment to the individual’s lifestyle and activity level.
            • Personalizes overall therapy program to address other issues in the domain of occupational therapy and massage therapy.
            • Assists in stress management of being treated for life threatening disease by teaching patient research validated stress management techniques.
            • Assists patient in making lifestyle changes to support the healing process using systematic exploration process.
            • Uses client centered approach to formulate a treatment plan that the patient feels addresses their deepest concerns.