Program: Healing From Trauma Patterns: PTSD, Abandonment, Grief, High Impact Injuries, Complications of Surgery, Cancer Recovery

When the senses of the body are impacted by individual, repeated or multiple trauma events of various magnitudes, the body responds by storing the information.   The storage of that information is often in complex patterns within the tissue of the body and the nervous system.  The stored information can be the source of physical or emotional pain that may trigger a mechanism making  you feel like you are right back in the event.   Or the body may store it so well that it may lay dormant for quite some time.  When you are faced with what is starting to feel like chronic pain, intermittent episodes that disrupt your life, or poor sleep patterns and you are not having success handling it yourself, it may be time to consider another approach.  These issues can be addressed by working with a practitioner who can facilitate the release and transformation of the patterns in the body and nervous system.  In addition, the practitioner can help you develop the skills needed to build and support new habits that keep you out of the old patterns.  The skills of internal dialog, meditation and specific breathing practices can voluntarily change the reaction of the nervous system from arousal and panic to a calm state.    Healing can stimulate the natural flow and communication throughout the energy system of the body.  In doing so it restores comfort in the body, and peacefulness to the nervous system and mind.


Touch Healing/Therapy:  individualized sessions that may include Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Healing and other techniques as needed

To stimulate healing and changes in body-breath-mind complex.

Activity Session in Groups or Individually:  Utilizing the ancient practices of Qigong, Yoga postures, Meditation, Contemplation, Breathing Techniques

To teach person how to stimulate, restore and maintain peacefulness.