Pain Relief, Management & Restoring Comfort

A tremendous amount of energy is used in coping with pain so that one can function.  The loss in energy to the pain slows healing.  Swelling, myofascial tightness, muscular tension, spasms, trigger points, sluggishness in the nervous system, pressure on nerves, restricted breathing patterns can all contribute to pain.  These factors are often paired with habitual conscious and subconscious thought, posture and behavior patterns that influence symptoms.  Working with the whole person in all the areas indicated by assessment is quite useful and effective.

Mindy is trained and licensed in the fields of Occupational Therapy, Lymphedema and Massage Therapy.  Here is a list of modalities she finds useful in addressing pain.  Each person is unique and their pain is unique requiring a personalized therapy programs.  Each individual session is modified and adapted to match the needs of the dynamic system called the human body.  Group instruction of self management and self care for body -mind comfort are offered weekly.

*Myofascial Release   *Trigger Point Therapy  * Massage  * Manual Lymph Drainage                      *Craniosacral Therapy    * Energy Healing/Balancing   *Breathe Training

*Body Awareness Training    * Sleep Enhancing Routines

*Self Mind Training with:  Inner Dialog, One Pointedness, Meditation

*Qigong (energy building exercise)      *Yoga postures/stretches

* Theraband and Resistance training       * Range of Motion Exercises

*Daily Living Skills Training and Adaptations      *Ministerial Counseling and Ceremonies