Lymphedema Specialist Certificate Course


Become a Certified Lymphedema Specialist

  • Would you like to be a successful specialist in your field who makes a difference in peoples lives?                                                                                       Reduce and teach ongoing management of swelling that no one else knew how to handle                                                                                                            help people avoid costly recurring cellulitis                                                                         get people back into clothes that fit                                                                                      help people feel good about how they look                                                                            help people want to reengage in life                                                                                     and restore independence

  • All this by reducing high protein swelling and teaching self management programs.

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Course Description:

lymphatics bluesThis course is practicum based and clinically focused. You will learn to master all of the basic techniques for Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT), including manual lymphatic drainage and multi-layered compression bandaging. This course is accelerated and condensed, enabling you to learn effective and billable lymphedema treatment that is feasible within the constraints of a busy patient schedule.                                                                   The curriculum covers lymphedema management of the trunk and upper and lower extremities, and wound care.

Topics & Competencies include:

  • Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the arterial,venous and lymphatic and integumentary systems
  • Lymphedema staging and classifications
  • Vascular assessment and bedside ABI
  • Skin and wound assessment
  • Edema assessment
  • Differential diagnosis and treatment of venous edema, congestive heart failure, lymphedema, malignant lymphedema, lipedema, deep vein thrombosis
  • Differential diagnosis and treatment of lower extremity cellulitis, stasis dermatitis, hemosiderin staining, chronic inflammation, dependent rubor
  • Complete decongestive physiotherapy
  • Skin and nail care
  • Prevention practices
  • Manual lymphatic drainage therapy
  • Multi-layered compression bandaging
  • Customized bandaging systems
  • Creative use of therapeutic foam
  • Compression garments and devices
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Home programming

Who can attend?
Licensed healthcare providers (MD, DO, PT, PTA, OT, COTA, NP/APN, RN).

Continuing Education Credits:

License renewal contact hours pre-approved for Nurses, Physical Therapists and Assistants.**
All contact hours of this course may be applied toward the 135 hrs required to sit for the CLT-LANA exam.
Clinicians may accumulate 135 hours by attending ILWTI.Advanced Lymphedema Courses, coming in 2014.


You Get More For Your Money with ILWTI:                        Course Includes:

  • Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy (CDT) training
  • Complete UE & LE Bandaging Systems for lab use
  • Padding and Special Inserts for lab use
  • Venous Compression Systems for lab use
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Maps
  • Course Book
  • 375 page 2013 Lymphedema Textbook with colored pictures
  • 2 International Best Practices Documents (50-75 pgs) and 3 Templates for Practice (20-30 pgs)
  • Home Study Course
  • 6 months free expert consultation post-course
  • Lymphedema Clinic Start-Up Kit: includes Policy and Procedure Manual, Complete Lymphedema Bandaging Systems for upper and lower extremities, Padding and Special Inserts for lymphedema compression systems, Venous Compression System, Clinical Quick Reference Guides

Lymphedema Specialist Certificate

54  Classroom  Hours  6  Days

20  Hours  Home  Study

Schedule:   8am-5:00pm

(Lunch on your own 12noon-1pm )

Tuition: $2,367

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