Heart Chakra Energy Class: 4 weeks



MONDAYS 2-3:15PM 4 WEEKS    JUNE 3,10,17,22, 2013 alternate days available on request  Call 850-217-3096 to reserve space and confirm location

This a great practice for opening the ribcage and shoulders which  physically protecting the heart.   Gentle systematic  movements of arms, shoulders, head, torso, and hips open and move energy into the chest and heart  allowing the energy of the heart chakra to expand.  There is an energetic relationship between the heart chakra and the physical heart and lungs and may be of benefit for people with concerns in that area and helps to keep the upper body strong energetically.  This class is taught in accordance with the teachings by Ken Weintraub, martial artist.   Other related practices and discussion may be included during these sessions.

Mindy  Broadstone Energy Instructor,                                                                         Massage and Occupational Therapist

Call 850-217-3096 to reserve a space and confirm location.   Other times available upon request

$10 weekly