Creating Health & Renewal After a Life Threatening Disease, Illness, Trauma

Experiencing a life threatening illness, disease or accident opens a portal to see a higher order of reality.  The body is not permanent and time is limited.  Suddenly you recognize that there is something more important to you in life than how you have been spending your time or a discovery of what is really important to you.  What an opportune time to recreate your life the way you would like it.  It is a time for wholesale change.  Change means giving up and creating new habit patterns.  Frequently discoveries are made from outside a field because we are too close to a subject to see it clearly.  It is useful to receive external help to facilitate a new way of seeing, a new way of looking at, a new way of thinking of and a new set of responses or actions to your existing life.

Come explore ways to create a new you, a new life thru the use of:

  • Health/Life coaching: What do you want and how do you want to get there
  • Ancient Body-Mind-Spirit Practices: Reconnecting the Parts of the Self
  •  Earth Teachings: Reconnecting with Mother Life
  •  Facilitated Process and Discussion

You will be given:

  • An opportunity to form a relationship with the beauty of nature.
  • Questions to ponder and explore your own answers.
  • Instruction in energy building and renewal practices.
  • Practice body movements and awareness activities to awaken the body making it comfortable.
  • Skills to shift your nervous system into a calming state and how to regain it on your own.
  • Guided meditation practices.
  • Experience group healing through facilitated activities.

Content is formatted to accommodate Weekend Retreats, Ongoing weekly group sessions, 6 weekly sessions and/or Individual Healing Therapy sessions.