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I know how important your clients are to you.

You want them to make a lot of progress and feel great too, right?

So how many of your clients suffer from the stress of being hospitalized, being sick or injured and needing therapy?

And, what about your stress level? Are you overextended and part of the working wounded and burned out?

This is for you if you would like to:

  • show up to your clients feeling collected and prepared,
  • be able to offer more lasting pain relief and
  • arm your clients with effective tools for rejuvenation from stress and illness.

This is what you will learn:

  • How being triggered, overextended or just wired from a frantic schedule leads to burnout.
  • Why jumping into something new with a client will be an uphill battle if you don’t get them in learning ready mode.
  • Maximize your initial interaction and activity that will get you synchronized and in the flow together so the whole session goes easier.
  • How you can easily reset the nervous system in yourself and your clients at the same time, reducing stress, dampening pain and fostering learning.
  • Create the right mood for engagement and participation for success during therapy right from the start.
Join Me!

Join Me!

                Join Mindy:   April 21st, 2015     4 pm PT / 7 pm ET                              

 Learn her secrets and the process that works with any diagnosis and helps you stay focused and feeling good too! 



The great news is, once you know Mindy’s process, it’s way easier than you think.

About Mindy

About Mindy

Mindy Broadstone is an Occupational, Massage and Lymphedema teacher and therapist who is devoted to furthering the work in the field by integrating cutting-edge well-being practices into work with clients.

These innovative practices have been found imperative in reducing and eliminating pain and stress, improving participation and function of clients, and in building resilience for a longer lasting positive healing effect. In founding the Institute of Integrative Well-Being. Mindy’s work is now focused on helping Occupational Therapists fast track into the skill set she has cultivated for over 30 years. This innovative approach to healing arts combined with OT is making a difference in the lives of healthcare providers, coaches, body workers and their clients. She brings a deep commitment to influencing the direction of the healthcare industry into a more compassionate and healing system by changing how therapy is practiced and delivered.

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