About Website

This website is dedicated to offering information, resources and access to services that operate from a Health paradigm within the extended Healthcare System that reflects the motto “Putting Health Back in Healthcare”.   This site is for clients in need of service as well as providers of service.  It is for Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Rehab Counselors, Physicians, Nurses, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Caregivers, and Healers who would like to feel confident they are contributing to the health of the citizens of our local communities, enhancing patient ability to create health in their lives and increase the satisfaction of patient/professional experience.    Patients, clients or individuals who want to be viewed, assessed, interacted with and treated from a foundation of health and wholeness rather than disease will find this site a refreshing venue.  It seems people like to be seen as a whole and who happen to have an illness, disease, injury or addiction rather than the disease becoming our identity.  Identification with “my disease/illness/addiction” as if that is who we are, offers little hope of being anything other than the disease.  Letting go of the disease identity becomes an obstacle as it can be experienced as a threat to existence itself.

When health and wholeness is the foundation of our relationship and treatment of individuals, it becomes a partnership of realigning with the nature of who we are and Life itself.  In that fullness of Life is where the miracles of healing occur.  A Health, Wellness, Wholeness paradigm or viewpoint becomes an anchor and benchmark for decision making, interaction, and approach as well as content of assessment, recommendations and treatment. I believe a health and wholeness paradigm has the capacity to lend resiliency to patient health as well as resiliency of the Healthcare community during trying economic times.

When a Health, wellness and wholeness paradigm is integrated into traditional medicine, our approach to the patient, the illness and the solutions are expanded and transformative making our services truly Healthcare.