Do you want to improve your clients’ health AND YOURS at the SAME time?

Are you ready to get better results and spend less time feeling drained and frustrated?

Mindy Broadstone works with dedicated Occupational Therapists who are ready to provide the best care possible so patients get better quick. They want to stop feeling drained all the time and want to leave work with the energy so they can actually have a life.


Working with Mindy, you will:

  • Have the clarity to set boundaries and be in charge how you feel.
  • Notice what takes you off track and what you need to do to get back on track.
  • Be more effective with clients, because you have new tools to get them ready, so they get where they need to be every time.
  • Tap into the calm inside of you quickly and easily, and so deeply that your clients feel it and know how much you can help them.
  • Deliver an effective healing service to any patient at any time, because you confidently use all the tools you have to offer.

End up with more billable time and better patient results –

and finally feel like you’ve earned the “expert” status.


Let me ask you this:

  • If you could take back your LIFE and feel good, wouldn’t you want to?            Are you tired of being dominated by pain, stress, anxiety, trauma, or lack                   of energy?
  • If you could reprogram your nervous system and brain to be less reactive and more present and calm, wouldn’t you want to?                                            Are you troubles by not being able to get to sleep, stay asleep or feeling distracted and dissipated?
  • If you could deactivate gene pathways for inflammation and cell death in your body that contribute to disease, wouldn’t you want to?                             Are you ready to take an active stance in harnessing your health and having a sense of well-being that you know how to access and impact? 


  1. One on One Healing Therapy Sessions:  Target Problems, Resolves Issues and Creates Comfort:  combines Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Medicine Techniques and Massage. Integrating the Mind Body complex.
  2. Unpack Your Power Class: Gentle, Powerful, Dynamic, Life Energy, Education using the principles and practices of Qigong, Yoga and Healing for Mind Body Self Care.
  3. Recovery Empowerment Class: Mind Body Strategies and Practices from Qigong, Yoga and Healing.
Benson, a cardiologist and researcher is also the founder and director emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, where a recent study has shown that meditation, tai chi, yoga, exercise, prayer and a variety of similar practices can alter a person’s gene activity, changing the expression of genes related to stress and inflammation.
          “Q: from Lauren Ware Interview 2010: Finding that behavior
                 can alter gene expression is rather remarkable, isn’t  it?
                 What exactly did the study show?” 
“A: from Herbert Benson MD “The Healing Power of the Mind”:  We compared 19 people who had regularly evoked the relaxation response for an average of nine years with 19 people who had never done so. In a scan of each subject’s 50,000 or so genes, we found that the activity of about 2,000 genes differed between the two groups. Among those in the relaxation response group, roughly 2,000 genes active in various stress-related physiological pathways, genes that trigger inflammation and genes that prompt cell death, had been deactivated. There is no evidence that the deactivations are permanent. We believe that daily practice of the relaxation response is necessary to sustain the changes.”